Coloured by Katherine is my dream become reality. I discovered a love for tie dye a few years ago when I had my first baby, soon realising it is difficult to come by quality hand dyed garments I decided to make my own.


After receiving loads of great feedback from my family and friends, Coloured by Katherine was established. Here you will find a selection of my most popular designs, however most items are custom made when you order so you may choose custom colours if you like. 


I am based in Melton in the western suburbs of Melbourne where I live with my husband Aaron and 2 beautiful boys. I am soon to have my third baby so you will notice there are not a lot of products available on the site at the moment. Please get in touch if you want something as I may have it ready to ship. I will be shipping order up until baby arrives some time in May. I then plan on returning to making new orders around October 2019.

Everything you see here is made by me in my home studio. Occasionally there can be a short production time on your order. I will let you know the estimated production time once I receive your order. If you need something by a specific date, please send me a message to confirm I am able to make it for you in your time frame.


If you have a garment you would like me to dye for you, please get in touch by clicking here. I look forward to working with you to create your custom designs.


You are limited only by your imagination!

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